Our Property


the green hole

The Green Hole

The Gem of the property is the beautiful Green Hole. The Mill at Green Hole is home to three enchanting green holes of emerald hues. The main swimming hole is visible from the bridge and hammock areas. 


the old water mill

The old mill

The old water mill is from the 1700s and remains a true testament of old world engineering techniques. The water mill powers wood cutting machinery that today is used for authentic wood projects from bird houses, coasters to rustic benches.

An old cider mill is also on location that used to crush fresh apples and in turn created local cider. 

Group tours available upon request, please contact us. 

The Garden


The garden is home to the event barn, which can be used for your next special event. 

The garden has an array of good veggies from tomatoes, snap peas, gourds, lettuce to corn and carrots and more!

The Mill at Green Hole's apple orchards, berry plants, pear trees and chicken coop are also on site.